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Into The Woods, 2020

Philip Chosky Theatre,Pittsburgh

Mask designed for the character of the Big Bad Wolf. 

Materials used : Veraform base, covered with jute ,textured rope and yarn.

Having grown up listening to stories of the Ramayana,I have always been very interested in Indian Mythology.
When I found out that the theme of this assignment was birds , I immediately remembered the story of Jatayu, the King of the Vultures.In the Ramayana, Jatayu was the first person who tried to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana while he was taking her to Lanka.However, Ravana clipped his wings and killed him.

The mask is representative of anger, not evil. Anger that someone was so entitled that he took something that was not his to take, something that is very relevant today.
The paint treatment is almost bone like, a gray to white textured ombre, which was meant to symbolize the property of a vulture being a scavenger, who feasts on carcasses and bones.

Inspired from "Jatayu Vadham" by Raja Ravi Varma
Mask Material : Latex


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